Friday, July 27, 2007

Brett gets muscles

Brett had a hard week this week, but he grew in stature and wisdom. His summer's been pretty light - blast camp a couple of weeks where he got to swim, some vacation bible school, a couple of trips to the library. This week was different - he went to the Danny Granger basketball camp. When he came home Monday night, he was sore, tired, and discouraged. The camp was for kids 7-17, and many of them had played in the past. He got pushed around, stepped on, and had to use muscles he hadn't used since soccer.
Frank and I talked, and felt the best life lesson for him was to push through and gut out the camp. So with some encouragement (all right, bribery) he went back to camp on Tuesday and Wednesday, with similar results. On Wednesday night, he was practicing jumping in the kitchen, and much to our surprise, he was jumping super high. I noticed, commented, and he proudly showed me several more times how high he could jump. Since he was in better shape since starting the camp, I asked to see his muscles. Boy what a treat - when he flexed, you could see his bicep. He was so surprised he put his arm down and back up again, like he wanted to see if it would disappear. It didn't and his excitement level rose. He showed me his other arm, and then proudly raced upstairs to show Frank. Frank promptly tested his jumping ability and sure enough, he's much more agile than he was before the summer. He's even excited about soccer now - "mom - I can make the biggest rainbow kick ever over all the defenders." He actually went to camp with a spring in his step Thursday.
To celebrate his successful completion of camp, we took everyone, including his best friend bowling.

Life is good.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wisdom of a 3 year old

this excerpt was taken from a conversation with Frank this morning.
" Water makes the fire go away, and fire makes the water go away.
Clouds make the sun go away, and the sun makes the clouds go away."

How Zen and smart is that? (From the same kid who was trying to ride a grasshopper statue...)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer Goodness update - Happy Birthday Dad!

Its been a really nice couple of weeks. Grant is becoming quite the fish, thanks to his continued time in swimming lessons. Brett has attended blast camp and the Danny Granger Basketball camp, and got to have a sleepover with his buddy Tally. I have to tell you - Danny Granger is one tall guy! But the biggest highlight of the summer so far (besides florida) was the Welton Family road trip to a restaurant called Rancho de Chimayo in Northern New Mexico.

Now everyone knows that some of our most exciting travel experiences happen when we trave with my dad. This trip was no exception. As three trucks with all the Welton kith and kin pulled out of the parking lot in Bernalillo, the sun was shining, the kids had smarties, and our path to dinner was a fairly innocuous route through the Jemez mountains to a small city called Chimayo, New Mexico. Unfortunately, as we approached the town of Jemez Springs, we noticed that the creek next to the road was an angry red, roiling opaque river, even though the sun was shining in our neck of the woods. Then we started driving over some wet road, a few mud puddles, a small stream of red water, and then we knew we were in for an exciting ride. On the outskirts of town, we had to wait to go down the road because there were a few rocks the size of VW bugs sitting in one lane, effectively making the road a single lane. However, all of us had our "big trucks" and safely navigated towards our final destination.

As we approached Battleship Rock, the clouds got angrier and darker, and Frank and I looked at each other - maybe we would see some rain afterall. As we rounded a corner by Hummingbird music camp, there were emergency vehicles roadside, with folks looking puzzled. A quarter mile further, and there was a tow truck with his cable extended far over the side of the road, surrounded by emergency vehicles. I think there were more emergency personnel along the road that day than the entire population of Jemez Spring.

By this time, the skies had opened up, and it was just raining buckets. We continued the drive to Valle Grande with rain, sun, heavy rain, drizzles, heavy rain, and the glorious smell of wet pine and aspen. Then at Valle Grande, things turned ugly! Pop! pop, pop! Rat-a-tat-a-tat! Pea and marble sized hail bombarded the trucks as we crossed that expanse. But weather will not get between the Weltons and their food, and what's a little hydroplaning between family members?

The hail cleared on the outskirts of Valle Grande, and we drove like Banshees toward Los Alamos on a twisted, slopey, windy road. Whether the motivation was to find a bathroom because we'd just listened to it rain for an hour, or to make sure we didn't lose the reservation for dinner, I am sure we slipped and slided our way through the Bandolier background at a rate higher than legally acceptable. When we finally stopped in Los Alamos, ostensibly for one person to take a potty break, I think over the course of the next 15 minutes, almost every family member hit the bathroom, of course, one at a time. We called and reset our reservations from there, and then started the final leg of our birthday sojourn.

When we finally arrived, the restaurant was wise enough to set us in a room off to the side. The kids found the mud puddles in the patio amazingly fascinating, as they did a giant grasshopper sculpture. Dinner was marvelous - red chile enchilada, hot sopapillas, flan for desert, and even a little hike or two for those interested. Dad was at the center of attention - with all his admiring children and grand children celebrating the fun afternoon.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, although sooner for some than others. When we finally left around sunset, we all went separate ways - some more separate than others. Frank and I took the Nambe Fall's route back to Pojoaque, Scott and Ronda raced out the way we came, and Dad and mom went for an evening cruise through Espanola before returning home. I'm sure his black headband helped him blend in.

Alls well that ends well - and it was a marvelous day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

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