Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend update

Happy Birthday Dad! I am proud of the fact that Dad has embarked on a fitness journey recently, and look forward to seeing his health continue to improve!

Pyewacket Update While Pyewacket is home and more comfortable, he is definitely not the same cat. he went AWOL a couple of days ago, and showed up a half a mile away close to spain. He doesn't want to eat, isn't drinking much water, and is constantly irritated. The vet says he's made a remarkable recovery from a couple of weeks ago, but its clear we still have a long way to go.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Current News bits and bytes

4th of July: 7/6: Great night - lots of firework carcuses around the neighborhood! 7/4: Our block is having its annual 4th of July Fireworks night. Join us for food, fireworks, and fun! Frank's bought a bunch of fireworks, the neighborhood is loading up on side dishes - come early!

Pyewacket update: 7/6: Pyewacket has been walking and eating pretty well today and seems to be alert for a longer period of time! 7/4: Our kitty that thinks he's a dog is having seizures for unknown reasons and has been at the vet's for the last several days. He's definitely not himself for periods at a time. Last sunday he was showing some symptoms and went to VCA to get looked at. They ran $450 worth of tests, said he was fine and sent him home 4.5 hours later. Instead of getting better, Pyewacket started drooling, his pupils dialated, and he pretty much blue screened. Luckily, a family friend redirected us to take him back to Emergency Vet's clinic. Pyewacket had a 104.8 degree fever and was given a 50/50 shot at making it. He had several grande malle seizures, and the vets indicated he had probably been having seizures for awhile. He has VERY SLOWLY started acting like himself, but still is having trouble with weakness, panting, and small facial tic. We'll keep everyone updated throughout the week as he hopefully continues to improve.

Banwart Bazzara update: Brett, Sarah (our summer nanny) and I got to go see Brett's new birth-brother Bryce and his family yesterday. Heather looks great ( I can't believe she just had a baby - she looks great! ) and the girls and Brett had fun playing together. Heather and I want to get the kids together more often on the weekends for cookouts and such.

SNAP fitness number 2 has opened, and Scott has hooked us up with a membership! The equipment is nice ( state of the art) and the location is pretty terrific - Academy and Tramway. Thanks, Bro. I'm also excited because my dad is going there too. Scottt had dad meet with a personal trainer to get started.

Garage Sale Saturday 8-12ish: 7/6: It's official - dad and mom can both park their cars in the garage now. we moved everything we could! The cousins had fun on the 4th when all of us converged on Dad's house to drop off flea market items.

Brett's back in acting classes on Monday nights!

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