Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween was the bomb!

OK, its official. Halloween has become my favorite holiday. It's not completely overblown - we don't have to deal with two months of Halloween music playing at the mall. Lots of small happy faces disguised as pirates, Anakin Skywalker, monkeys, football players, cheerleaders, Spiderman, princesses, devils, ladybugs. An excuse to say hi to every neighbor in the neighborhood. An annual tradition has started to emerge - Rachel and Victoria and Olivia and Antonio came over to hang out with their cousins and trick or treat. My best "family" (best friend and her family) was in town, and we got to take Cole (aka Lincoln Log) and the Rhodus clan trick or treating too. Some new pictures are posted at the Flckr site.

Thanks to all for making this a great halloween. Lots of love.

Happy November Birthdays

Kirsten (5) and Faith (5)! - We love you both ;-)

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