Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jumping Off

Today has been a pivotal day in terms of life after Intel. While I really like what I am doing (most of the time), I am pragmatic in knowing failure to plan for life after Intel could result in someone else making choices for me. Last Friday night @ the gym, I had a great conversation with an HR / Biz consultant who is looking for some resources with basic technology and corporate knowledge to partner with. This week at work, I was reminded by several folks that my value came in the consulting I have been providing. One of those clients commented that I was like one of their own personal Bain consultants (only cheaper) ;-)
During a soccer party, I was able to discuss some of the great work one of the moms is currently doing as around diabetes treatment through her startup and some follow on implications. Without going into details, the wheels started spinning, and a few of my medical and chemical engineering brain cells started firing again, and we agreed to get together in a few weeks to understand further where this could lead.
So I did it. My brother and I started to put down on paper a few key questions that will help build a better long term business plan, and understand the local economy and dynamics. I'll put a little time into firing up the network, and do some exploration with a few of my local buddies. Figuring out if this will help the kids situation will be critical to the next steps, too. I don't know where this journey will end, I only know I (with Frank's support) have taken the first step down the road.

Wish us luck ( prayers are welcome)


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Taos was just what the doctor ordered!

This was a much needed rest and do little weekend. Grant and I got to see Lindy Friday night for a couple of minutes. Brett had soccer Saturday (didn't quite win), and then we went up to Taos on Saturday, and did all the right therapeutic stuff. We found a cool little guest house off Kit Carson Road to spend the night. We were forced to walk through a bunch of fall leaves on our way to the plaza. We had dinner @ Roberto's on Kit Carson Rd, a couple of good books ( What is the What, by Dave Eggers) to remind me of how we are blessed living in America. The Lobos (5-2) pulled it out during the last 15 seconds of the game against SDSU, and gave me the chance to talk to Bruce Saturday night. Sunday was awesome as well. While we missed church, we did have huevos ranchero @ Michael's cafe, went to a fun toy store in the sunny morning. After we came back to the casita, the weather got cold and we made a fire. We broke out the Uno Cards and played a couple of games, read some books, the kids watched some cartoons, and then we looked out the windows. It was snowing! Brett and I went outside and started playing soccer in the snow. It was a blast! We finished everything off with dinner @ Gabriel's on the way home. Our equilibrium was restored after a fairly tough week at work.

Coming this week: Character parades at School, no school Thursday / Friday (again, Grrrr!), Susan and Luca and Cole are coming in this weekend.

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