Friday, August 15, 2008

Waning hours of summer vacation...

As I look out my kitchen window at the mountains and the twilight, I realize we're in the waning hours of summer vacation, lodged squarely between the nights of summer freedom, the start of school, and the transition to our favorite time - New Mexico fall.

As the summer ends, we bid fond farewell to our nanny Sarah, who is off to *gasp* NMSU to study journalism. The boys had a great summer - swimming, Pop Pops, movies, and managed to stay relatively balanced while Frank and I traveled ( mostly me.) Much thanks and good luck to Sarah this fall!

With school approaching, we're trying to get schedules set, after school decisions made, and figure out how I'm going to juggle the first week of school with a trip to Oregon I'm supposed to take.

But even as I'm a little worried about the logistics, I am happy to report the very first hints of fall have arrived. I have sunflowers blooming with cute little yellow and red finches; I tasted my first fresh green chile from Wagner's Farm tonight, the AC turned off about 6 PM tonight, and deadlines are approaching for the New Mexico State Fair. The boys are trying to finish their "Creations", I'm trying to decide if any of my Israel pictures are good enough, and I can't wait to wander aimlessly in less than a month. Also about 12 days til the Lobo Football season opener. Lots of former Lobos playing in the NFL, too!

Here's praying for a lot more time at home in the fall.

Lots of love for now.

FYI: Pyewacket is still AWOL.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fabulous family friday night

Last night just the 4 of us took the time to go to a place called Hinkle family fun center. Brett's favorite part was the Bumper Boats. It was the first time he'd gotten to drive all by himself and he took delight in completely drenching me and Grant on our bumper boat. Grant was the gunner on our ship and made sure everyone was as wet as we were. Then we got to race around the track, Frank and Brett had a mini wipeout when someone tried . Miniature golf was all about getting the golf balls out of the stream, (I swear they were hitting into the water hazards on purpose) and then we won some tickets before we went home. The boys have been in a great mood the last few weeks - I hope it continues.
I seem to have more energy after work now now - I've taken up kickboxing at a gym close to my house. I have bruises, sweaty boxing gloves, sore muscles, and a new community that I get to see a few days a week. I could swsear I can actually do a pushup now. Its been good therapy for a financially frustrating month. (SM tuition due, vet bills, crowns, small accident...). We'll see if the weight comes off too.
This morning I got up early to meet Don for coffee- it was a treat. We walked to Raley's, talked about physics, and chemistry, and family, and politics, and energy policy. Its going to get a great weekend. Lots of love for now

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