Friday, June 29, 2007

Kidder Corral Update- Vacation Week!

Brett performed Friday night at church in his VBS production "Game Day." Great time last weekend with the cookout. Next time I'll give everyone more advance notice. Rusty (aka Rambo according to Grammy) is working out splendidly. He is so good with the kids, but still nice and protective around strangers! Our neighbors love him already, and especially like watching us walk around the neighborhood with him on a leash and the cat following closely behing.
Happy Birthday to Susan - 29 and holding - the audio is an homage to her!
Coming week: Since we're on vacation most of the week, we'll be spending lots of time at the pool. I'm also going to hook up with a college friend of mine on the 4th that I haven't seen in probably 20 years!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cookout at the Kidder Corral - 5:30 pm Saturday

Come one, Come all - No reason needed, just show up! (Scott, Heather, Rachel, Marty, Mary, Nick, , etc.)

5:30 pm, 12312 Camino Arbustos NE

Kids will be making and cooking pizzas, jumping on the trampoline, maybe slip n slide- bring your suits.

Adults will be grilling, cooler on the back porch.

Likely a movie after dinner.

Meet our new mate, Rusty, and have fun.

Drop me a line at if you think you're coming!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blessings on Father's Day

This has been a week of blessings. My brother Bruce knew I'd been going through some tough times at home and work. He dropped by with a book called Life Coach in a Box, which is proving to be really helpful.

My sons have been missing Ulysses since we last September, so we have been blessed with the addition of a new Aussie named Rusty. He is fitting in famously, and I think Arrow is acting about 4 years younger since Rusty's shown up. His previous owners have been so phenomenal to work with - its been a joy, even when he went fishing for the first time.

My brother Scott instigated a Father's Day trip to watch baseball @ Isotopes Park with my Dad and our family - which makes me and the boys really really happy.

Finally, its Father's day, and I've been blessed by many of the wonderful dads in my life, starting with my husband, Frank. Thank you Ted, Don, Tim, Marty, and Rob for helping our family be better people for knowing you!

Lots of love from the Zoo - Kristi

Monday, June 11, 2007

A new buddy for Arrow and the boys

Just wanted everyone to know we are welcoming a new addition to the family. Rusty, a miniature Australian Shepherd, will be moving here soon. Since Ulysses passed away, the house seemed a little empty, and the boys and Arrow still miss him. Rusty is a little over a year old, been raised in a family with 3 young girls, and needed to find a new home when his family had to move back to Australia. I put his link on the side. The family we're adopting from is great - people I'd like to meet in person. We're working the details over the next couple of days.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Boys grow up so quickly!

This weekend was spent in Red River, NM. Frank, I, Brett and Grant went up to do nothing, and failed miserably. We had a blast, though. Brett has discovered a skateboard/scooter called a Fuzion, and we took it up to RR - he rode up and down the town like he owned the place. Grant rode his little bike (with the handle for the adults to keep track of him). Brett caught his first fish, an 8" rainbow trout. He was also the first Kidder Uno Attack Champion.
Grant did one of the craziest firsts I've ever heard of. Frank and I signed up for a 2 hour sunset ATV ride (with the boys) up to Cabresto Lake (~18 miles, round trip). Frank spent most of his time with Brett hanging on for dear life behind him, and I spent most of my time with Grant in front of me. He would either hold onto my arms, or push the buttons when I told him to shift gears. He did great most of the way to the lake, but needed me to slow down every once in a while when the road got too bumpy. He did typical 3 year old stuff, including throw rocks in the lake. When we started to head back, he just kept getting quieter and quieter. About 2 miles in, he dropped off completely. After that, I drove the ATV with one hand until we got back to the bottom of Mallette Canyon. What troopers!

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