Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fabulous Fridays!

I started taking Friday's off without pay to spend time with the kids. Its been great! I spent the first Friday at Brett's school with him, helping with the class obstacle course. This week, during Brett's first Friday off school, I took Grant, Brett, and Brett's best friend Tally to the Coronado State Monument for some good old fashioned fun. We had a picnic, threw rocks in the river, toured the ruins, and then let the boys play with a sword, a musket, and some Spanish Armor. Life is good.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Summer is coming - what to do with the Kids?

OK, in my inaugural post, I'll highlight the perennial battle working families have. Do we let our kids do like we did when we were little (which was absolutely nothing but play with the other kids in the neighborhood), or plunk them down in a series of camps to keep them occupied - since they need child care anyway? Short version of the story for now -

  • University of Santa Clara family camp for week, Vacation Bible School basketball camp and inventor camps for the oldest.
  • Gymboree and athletic camps for the youngest, lots of free story time and mighty mites.

I hope the money doesn't run out. Wish me luck, and we'll check in a little later to see how we're doing.

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