Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the 12 (or so) days of December, Kidder style

December recap: look at Flickr for the pictures!

Dec 5th - Brett's concert - the Bugg house, he was on TV.
10th? Arbonne party with Laura
12th - Frank's birthday, first day of "vacation"
15th - Rachel's wedding (photos here)
16th - Fun dinner with Heather - Macaroni Grill
18th - Brett's chorus and and concert - Sunset Mesa
19th - Belated anniversary dinner with Frank
21st - Adopt a family present drop off. Thanks for the partnership, Bruce!
23rd - Kidder family christmas at Elena's
24th - Great Christmas Eve dinner with Franks parents, Keith, and Laura - mmmm Crab!check out the youtube video
25th - Our Lord's birthday
26th - Brett's birthday
27th - snowboarding and skiing at Angel Fire in 0 degree weather
28th - family get together at the Welton House
29th - Bounce U part for the boys
30th - Old Town with Shebbus and Grammy
31st - the Annual Camino Arbustos New Year's Eve Gala

A few of the best pictures of it all : my Flickr Christmas Album

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