Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adopt-a-Family update and website!


In lieu of spending a lot of money on each other within our families, we thought it would be richer to share what we have with a needy family.This year we have chosen to share the Christmas spirit with the N. family.

We are both collecting funds and determining a schedule in which to shop, wrap, and deliver presents to the family around Christmas. Our main focus is simply providing some of the wish items listed below, but if we're able, we may also try to provide them with some food and Christmas items as well.

We have been, and continue, to work in partnership with Eagle Ranch Middle School, who helped us to select the N. family as a needy recipient of support. The counselor we have been working with has continued to reiterate that any assistance given to the family would be greatly appreciated, and that this support is going to a family that normally wouldn't reach out for help. The circumstances of this year would make receiving such a show of support particularly meaningful to them.

If you would like to contribute funds to this project, we would love it if you could contribute by December 12th. We would like to see what pool of funds we can collect, which then will help us to strategize how best to spend the money on the family.

We will then shop at some time between the December 12th and Christmas, and so if you would like to join us in that part of the process, let us know.

This is a voluntary project, and we don't care what you can or cannot put in. If you want to help, it's just a way to practice giving.

Check out the site early and often!

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